Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April Catch Up

Once again, it's been longer than it should have been since my last update.

Not quite as much going on as the last update, but some news of late:

  • I've played 2 soccer games with my team (we had Easter Sunday off). I managed to score a goal and had a beautiful assist in our April 2nd game. Unfortunately, they were both in the last 3 minutes of the game and we ended up losing 3-7 anyway :-(.
  • In our last game (against the best team in the League again for the second time this season), we had a great first half but due to a shortness in numbers of subs, we fell apart a bit during the second half. Still improving.
  • My daughter's U-9 soccer team has started practicing and they have their first game this Saturday. She's doing really well in practices (she seems to have been practicing dribbling in the off season when no one was watching or something) and I'm looking forward to the season for her.
  • My son's expressed interest (now that three of the four of us are playing soccer) in playing soccer again - he played one season when he was a kindergartener but since then hasn't been interested. He also has expressed interest in lacrosse (yikes!)
  • I went to the Middle School orientation for my son - who'll be going to middle school next year. Sounds scarey - they talked a lot about how much the kids change during this period and I'm not really looking forward to it.
  • Played a couple games for my GLWL season. Overall, having a crappy season. I lost the first of the two, but had a great comeback in the last turn of the game. I had a tie in my second of the two games (my third game of the season) but only because I again had a great last turn. I gotta get me a new general, I think.
  • My mother came to visit a few weeks ago - always good to see her and the kids were excited, as they were about my mother-in-law coming this past Sunday for Easter.
  • The scandal-of-the-week is that one of our favorite trees was chopped down without warning by the city. GRRRRRR... They claim it was an ash tree (it was maple) and it had the Ash Borer (it didn't). I'm so mad I can't even believe it!

That's about it for now.

More later (and hopefully sooner!)

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