Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas (to me!)

I recently celebrated a birthday and, as a personal celebration of sorts, managed to get in a 9 mile run on my birthday. Happy birthday to me! :-) That was the longest run I've had since, I think, about 1990.

I entered Christmas week thinking my recent run (pun intended) of good weeks might be at risk due to the holiday, family, etc. I did "miss" a run for the week (running only 4 times instead of what's become my recent norm of 5 runs) but, with my 9 mile run, two 6+ mile runs and a 5.5 mile run yesterday (at my wife's fitness club), I put in just under 27 miles on the week, which was another "longest week" for me - my 10th week in a row of getting longer. Obviously, that's always an indication of "quality" but I have been so happy about my runs of late.

As for Christmas - among other cool running-related items, my wife bought me a Garmin ForeRunner 305 - a running watch with a built-in GPS locator! I was stunned as I didn't even know such things existed. Now I'll have the most anal-retentively analyzed runs of anyone who really isn't all that good at running. Running with both the NikePlus and the ForeRunner, I can at least have a couple of ways to know how long I'm running.

I was so excited about the ForeRunner, I had to go out on Christmas Day for a run and put in just over six miles. I also realized (duh...) that the ForeRunner doesn't work so well on a treadmill :-)

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to do a local road race - the 38th Annual Belle Isle New Year's Eve Family Run Run / Walk. It's a 4 mile run that also features a 1 mile run for the kids to take part in (and all kids get trophies, which is what's motivating them to want to take part). We'll see how that works out.

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