Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Kids - the smart ones in the family!

My son came home Friday with his trimester report card and did a great job this term - He had 3 A's and 3 A+'s for the trimester! Great job for him!

He also got all "O's" for behavior, which means that he's earned himself a field trip to see a movie with the other "all O's".

My daughter hasn't yet gotten her report card, but I know she also is as capable. Of course, her (elementary) school is soon going to transition to a grading system where anyone with a 70%+ average will receive a "P" (performing). There is apparently no higher rating. How motivating for the more capable kids, huh? As I like to say - they propagate the cult of mediocrity - No one can stand out and no one's accomplishments are to be individually celebrated.

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