Thursday, February 02, 2006

About me (as of today)

So, some more about me ...

I work for Novell. I am the manager of a small team of people dedicated to Novell's internal knowledge infrastructure. What does that mean? My team is responsible for a good number of internal repositories that are used by our employees, our internal search tools and various collaboration tools used by our employees such as an internal blogging tool, a wiki and internal mailing lists.

I've been doing this for about 5 years - first for Cambridge Technology Partners and then (after Novell acquired CTP) for Novell.

I've spoken externally about our content management solution (at the 2005 AIIM conference in May, 2005 in Philadelphia) and about how we've improved our internal search (at KM World in San Jose, CA in November 2005).

My background is in Computer Science and in my "previous life" I was a developer, senior developer and then software manager for a systems integrator building custom software solutions for a variety of customers.

Outside of work, I enjoy boardgames (you can find me on and I also am an avid player of Warhammer and I help run the largest League on the planet (and, yes, we've confirmed that to the best of our knowledge) for Warhammer - the Great Lakes Warhammer League. I also enjoy running and competing (well, taking part in) road races; recently I started playing in a 30+ Men's soccer league (my first experience in organized soccer ever and the first time I've played soccer since high school gym many years ago...).

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