Saturday, February 04, 2006

Road Race tomorrow!

So tomorrow morning (February 5th), there's a local 5K road race - called the Superbowl 5k run by a local running store. I'm planning to run - it'd be my first "winter" road race (though this winter has been pretty darn un-wintery since about Christmas day with daily averages running about 10 degrees above normal throughout the month of January!) and also my first road race of 2006.

I like that the giveaway is a beer mug instead of the standard t-shirt (of which I have, it seems, about a hundred!). We'll see just how good the mug is tomorrow (if I make it). We are actually supposed to get some snow tonight, so if we get more than I care to deal with, I won't be running in the race tomorrow morning.

My normal Sunday night soccer game has been rescheduled (because of the Superbowl, believe it or not) which is why I'm even considering running this tomorrow. Of course, it was rescheduled for Tuesday (February 7th) when I'll be out of town for work. Darn!

Let's see how I do as a winter road racer

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