Tuesday, February 14, 2006

GLWL Season soon to start up

As I mentioned a while ago, the Great Lakes Warhammer League sign ups for our Winter 2006 season have come to a close and I have been busy putting together the Divisions and the schedule for the season.

We ended up with 79 players this season for a total of 12 distinct divisions. We have an even number of players in all but one of our divisions as of now, so that's worked out nicely.

Because we play a 5 game season, the ideal is to have 6 players in a Division so that each player plays each other member of their division once. Unfortunately, due to geographies, we've ended up with 5 of our divisions having more than 6 players, which makes more some challenging scheduling decisions because some players will end up not playing against each other and some players (at the moment, only in that "odd" division in Toledo) end up having BYEs built into their schedule when others in the same division don't.

In any event, I'm looking to have the schedule finished up and published to the members by no later than tomorrow and we're looking forward to starting the season at the end of this month!

Looking forward to another season of challenging games, myself!

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