Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Still on the road...

I had my god-awful flight yesterday to Utah - up at 4:28 in the morning to get the airport for a 6:30 flight and arriving on location in my destination at about 1:45PM MST (3:45PM EST). Then 4 hours of meetings. Yuck.

Meetings yesterday were good - some unexpected potential changes in plans for a project I'm working on that still have me spinning a bit but I had the opportunity to have dinner with my team from work, which was great. Today I spent a good chunk of the day discussing requirements for our project and assessing a potential alternative solution against those requirements. I spent several hours in the late afternoon and evening with my team again discussing overall roadmap for the year and we're still over-reaching, I think.

For dinner, we went to Tucano's - a Brazilian place that is pretty good. Tomorrow is more meetings, this time with my manager and the rest of the group we fall in and then some other meetings with folks that I haven't yet scheduled. A return to the airport for a flight back at 7:15PM MST (getting in just before 1AM EST). Another long day...

I'm also still wondering what happened with my Soccer team's game last night! The standings have not been posted as of a few minutes ago (about 27 hours after the game!!!) so I don't know what happened. Anxiously awaiting that news!! How long does that take!??

Looking at Plone, though. An interesting content management tool.

Also, trying to figure out how to analyze the detailed search term reports I receive for our search engine to be able to see the "Forest for the trees" - i.e., step back from the specific search terms used by users and see the general themes of what they're looking for. A tough nut to crack, it seems.

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